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About us

Since VOSS was founded in 1931 we have developed into a globally operating enterprise. Our mission is to offer our customers the highest quality of innovation and we owe our success to our employees worldwide. VOSS has established itself in 13 countries and in 2021 will have about 6,500 dedicated employees.  VOSS headquarters are situated in Wipperfürth, near Cologne.  VOSS Automotive, VOSS Fluid Technology, VOSS Immobilien + Service and 16 international subsidiaries are combined under the umbrella of VOSS Holding. We work together in the international automotive supply market, covering the entire supply chain from pre-development through to conception for the production of innovations. Honored with multiple awards, VOSS is a strong and reliable employer, with a deep regard for its employees.

VOSS Automotive GmbH

At VOSS Automotive, we deal with topics relating to development, production and sales of connection systems and components for the automotive industry. These include brake, fuel and exhaust treatment systems.

VOSS Fluid GmbH

At VOSS Fluid, we deal with the development, production and sale of connection systems and components for hydraulic applications in vehicle and machine construction.

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VOSS Werkzeugtechnik GmbH

At VOSS Werkzeugtechnik we work on the development, design and manufacture of injection moulds for complex applications. These include high-performance plastics and 2K applications. Due to the high level of vertical manufacturing the entire production comes from one provider.

VOSS Immobilien + Service GmbH + Co. KG

At VOSS Immobilien + Service we oversee the technical and commercial management of property and land in Germany. In addition, they support our international locations in the planning of new property and land.

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The benefits of working at VOSS

At VOSS we value our employees highly and attach great importance to the satisfaction of our workforce. Our purpose is to give everyone the chance to grow in their individual tasks and to achieve further success together as a team. Above all, the ideas from our staff, which we actively promote, are important to us. As a family-friendly company, we focus on the balance between work and leisure time and also offer health support and a wide range of fitness activities. Find out in more detail what VOSS has to offer you:

For your work life balance:

Our flexible working time models offer you an individual and flexible organization of your working time.

For your age:

We offer you bespoke support of your retirement pension and subsidise the development of this from six months of employment.

For your good ideas:

Your ideas, suggestions and proposals for process optimization are important to us. We take them into consideration, check and evaluate them centrally and award prizes if they are successfully implemented. Every quarter and every year in December, all colleagues who have submitted a proposal are entered into raffles. There are some great prizes in store for the winners.

For your health:

We promote and support you with many active health-related measures. Take one of our courses on workplace ergonomics, healthy eating, stress management and smoking cessation, or take advantage of the regular exercise breaks encouraged directly at your workplace. As a member company of the Werksarztzentrum Oberberg e.V. we are actively supported by occupational medicine specialists in ergonomic workplace design and questions on medical matters. Annual flu vaccinations are an additional offer.

For your fitness:

Visit our company fitness room “Vossletics” and train under the guidance of a sports science expert. In addition to equipment training, we offer special courses such as spinal gymnastics, athletics circles and the classic “tummy, legs, buttocks”.

For your fun:

Play a round of table football or table tennis with your colleagues. This stimulates your fitness and promotes team spirit .

For your nourishment:

We offer breakfast and lunch in our bistro. We value the importance of fresh and healthy food.

The VOSS Charter

Working at VOSS is characterized by a unique team philosophy. We support the common values ​​and visions of the company and strive to integrate them continually into our everyday work routine. The basis of the collegial working climate is built on respect, enjoyment of work, individual success and free expression of opinion.

Get to know the cornerstones and visions of our charter and let us persuade you:


Passionate technology:

As a “technical problem solver”, we combine the love for technical contexts with the passion to recognize problems that arise and to develop solutions for them.


Commitment to customers:

Close cooperation with our customers often results in close relationships. The quality of our strong customer focus is practiced throughout the company.


Commitment to our people

Our employees are the greatest driver of our success. They are “VOSS” because each one ultimately stands for everything that VOSS was, is and will be in the future.


Responsibility for society and the environment:

We are committed to thinking beyond the boundaries of purely economic goals. The Hans Hermann Voss Foundation stands for the intensive promotion of science, research, education and training. In addition, considerable funds are regularly invested in technical facilities that set high environmental standards.

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